This is a ruff idea for an outline for the forbidden arts durring the DDR... It is in English but everything can be translated later. This doesn't have to be the exact outline for the paper just my take on it...



Intro: (Crockett)
1) Thesis Statement
a. Throughout history truth has been banned in the arts of most civilizations in order to keep what is happening from the mass population. (Working progress and will be translated)
2) Formation of the DDR (Tim)
a. Dates
b. Section of Germany
3) Effects of the DDR concerning Banned literature, Films, music etc. (Crockett)
a. What particular culture in Germany was targeted
b. Censorships placed on German Arts
i. Music
ii. Movies
iii. Literature
Paragraph 1 (Nate)
1) Censorship rules placed on German arts
a. Why the Censorship was placed
b. What the Censorships where meant to hide-
2) *banned themes: (Tim)
*i. Anti-communist or anti-soviet
*ii. Negative images of quality of life in DDR
*iii. "inappropriate topics" (violence, pornography)
*iv. nontraditional styles (free verse, abstract art)
*c. Ways censorship was carried out
*i. Publishers
*ii. Party controlled censors
*iii. State control over journalists
*Paragraph 2 (Tim)
*1) Effects of censorship on culture in DDR
*a. Emigration of artists to other countries
*b. Self-censorship of artists
*c. Lower output of artistic work
Paragraph 3 (Nate) (Crockett)
1) Banned Literature after the fact
Paragraph 4 (Keturah)
1) Jewish Culture targeted
a. The Destruction of Jewish Libraries and Archives in Crakow during World War II
Paragraph 5
1) Banned Music (Nate)
a. Groups
b. Songs
Paragraph 5 (Keturah)
1) Banned Movies
a. Why were the movies banned
b. What did the Banned movies show
Closing Paragraph (Crockett)
1) Recap what the DDR was (Tim)
2) Summarize the Censorship placed on German Arts (Nate)
3) Ending Statement (Keturah)
a. Even though truth was banned during the time of the DDR it survived to reveal today the crimes of the past. (still work in progress and of course will be translated)

*Nate- I like the way the outline looked so rather than rewriting a different one I have just added a couple additional topics (anything with an asterisk). Should be done translating today. - Tim Davis